2Roqs is a resident of
La Fabrique Pola

La Fabrique Pola
10 Quai de Brazza

In the early 90s, the on-the-rise demo-making scene was representing the experimental avant-garde field of real-time computer animations.
Julien Gachadoat and Michael Zancan, co-founders of 2Roqs, were members of the ACCS team, who played a significant role in the Atari ST demo scene.
Countless ideas rose up during endless meetings at 2, rue des 2 Rocs in Agen, France.

The studio in Bordeaux

Founded in 2004, originally set in Agen then in quartier Chartrons and at Bassins à Flots in Bordeaux, the studio has been invited in 2019 to join La Fabrique Pola, a vibrant place where a selection of creators and studios cooperate in the field of Visual Arts.
At La Fabrique Pola, 2Roqs shares a large office with designers Guillaumit and Countach Studio, while enjoying a privileged view on the river and the city of Bordeaux.

Michaël Zancan

Michaël was 8 y.o when he discovered computers and programming languages, when his mother, who was a teacher in a small country school, received a Thomson TO7, back in a time when learning a language was nearly mandatory to get a computer to perform decent tasks.
Later Michael Zancan graduated in electronics and computer science at ENSEIRB in Bordeaux, followed with a one-year experience as an engineer at Texas Instrument in Dallas,TX.
The creation of studio 2Roqs gave him a terrain to express both his programming skills and his natural enthusiasm for making things in a wide variety of fields.

Julien Gachadoat

Julien Gachadoat graduated in DESS of Computer Science in Bordeaux.
His passion for visual computer arts and programming started in the early 90's, and drove him to be involved in the Processing platform today, which is an open source programming language that was created to teach fundamentals of computer programming. His contribution was the translation of the reference into the French language.
In addition, he likes working on more personal projects using 2Roqs technology, like building interactive animations, some of which are showcased on his website (mainly his previous works).