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A gallery of ancient postcards in which one can "enter": this can been experienced at the new Tourist Office of Grand Villeneuvois. Three emblematic locations animated in 3D for an immersive travel back to the 1900's.


After a day spent investigating the archives of the Gajac Museum in Villeneuve-sur-Lot, we selected three postcards from the early 1900's to illustrate the region and its traditions.

These images, once scanned in high resolution, were separated plane by plane before being assembled again through the software that we had written for a short documentary about the Douro region.

Here we have proposed an interactive presentation of these pictures: displayed on wide screens like a gallery of photographs, they suddenly come alive. The subtle tilts of the visitor's shoulders are sensed by the system, allowing him to move forward and sideway inside these period scenes.

Some sound effects mixed with ambient musical compositions accompany the visit et enhance the immersion, while the visitor encounters these forgotten faces and places.

These period pictures of which we only know the printed representation, and that suddenly invite us for a visit, surprise the spectator while elaborating a connection with this heritage from the past.
What we like about this installation is its simplicity, the immediacy of the interaction, the contemplative look that it invites us to cast on those images that touch us because they belong to our memories.

Represented here: the Porte De Paris and the departure of Villeréal tramway (1926) , the Romas waterfall in Villeneuve-sur-Lot (around 1910), the well of Pujols city (1903).


Client: Villeneuve-sur-Lot Tourist Office
Production: Cap Sciences
Concept and development: 2Roqs
Sound design : Splank