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The Lighthouse of Cap-Ferret showcases a permanent exhibition, in which we have been involved with our work around ancient photographs. Visitors are taken to a stroll inside three typical sceneries back in the early 1900's.

Exploring ancient photographs in 3D

Out of 200 postcards proposed by the Tourist Office of Cap-Ferret, we chose three prize-winners based on criteria such as composition, perspective, profusion of detail and historic interest. This careful selection aimed at offering the public a worthwhile visual experience.

The work began with an extraction of the various plans of the image, then the redrawing of the formerly hidden backgrounds . Thanks to our home-written Parallax software, we were able to organize the layers in the depth and apply 3D meshes to define the volumes. Lastly, the travelings of a camera inside the 3D image was proposed . Eventually, visitors take part in a slow walk in dunes, on pontoons, near the boats and the beaches as they were in the beginning of the twentieth century.

A photograph being converted in 3D in our custom-made software

Exhibition in the Lighthouse of Cap Ferret

After ascending the stairs and admiring the view, visitors are taken to an exhibition that presents old nautical maps, ancient cartographic techniques, models of the maritime relief, among several interactive activities.
The 3D postcards, 3 short movies that loop, are showcased among a wall of vintage photographs from the Arcachon area.


Client: Tourists Office of Lège-Cap Ferret
Production: Grand Angle Corporate
Postcards direction : 2Roqs