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Bordeaux Cité du Vin

June 1st, 2016
Back in may 2015, we were awarded a contract for producing "lot 6 " for the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux. While our group mates from Grand Angle Production + Moving Stars handled all the videos in the project, we were responsible for developing as many as 35 interactive applications of the Permanent Tour exhibition, upon a design by London-based agency Casson Mann.

In the scope of our assignment, we were responsible for programming and interactivity, but also graphic design and user interfaces — all that wasn't related to films direction and production. This spanned over 6 modules of the Permanent Tour :


Located in the entrance of the permanent tour, this module features 15 small screens filled with movies and knowledge about the vine, its history and the men who domesticated it.
Our work was to design and develop 3 touch games aimed at young visitors.

Cité du Vin - E-Vine - photo @ Michaël Zancan / 2Roqs

The metamorphoses of wine

This module has been the most demanding, content-wise. Indeed, it investigates the principles of wine-making across 3 pieces of furnitures ( the Yeasts ), tryings to make a rather technical content understandable to most.
Each Yeast has 6 touch screens in it. Beside creating applications for detailing the steps of winemaking processes or explore photographs of great cellars, fermenting rooms and warehouses around the world, we also designed 3 games ( little biologist, making of a barrel, exploring a cellar).

Cité du Vin - the metamorphoses of wine - photo ©Michaël Zancan / 2Roqs

Wine portraits

Projected from the heights of oversized bottles crafted in wood, circular screens react to the movements of hovering hands while plundging visitors into a blend of animations, sounds, scents, that depict the six main families of wines : dry white, red wine, rosé, sparkling, fortified and sweet.
Those bottles were the most technically challenging. Thanks to a camera with infrared capabilities placed above the screen, the visitors' gestures are analyzed in real time. They generate realistic movements of the liquid surface, manipulating text menus made of lively particules. The content is beautifully rendered through movies that seem to blend with the liquid surface and evoke in poetic ways the history and imagination of the wines.

Wine Portraits Cité du Vin - photo © Michaël Zancan 2Roqs

The trend wall

Mimicking a wine bottling line, this module includes 2 touch screens with an animated interface that allow to launch movies about chais' architecture, wine marketing, great wine collectors.

The buffet of the five senses

Inside this module where the visitor can experience olfactive sensations, there is an equipment made of a large screen with a baroque frame that resemble a 18th century painting, and a smaller touch screen. In this installation, the user can pick from a list of starters, dishes and deserts, and try and marry them with a selection of wines. The still life in the screen animates accordingly, while the visitor can hear a sommelier's comment about how well or how bad the dish and the wine combine.

Meet the experts

4 equipments made of a chair facing a vertical screen allow visitors to seat in front of the world’s greatest experts to hear their point of view about a large variety of wine-related subjects.
Each also feature a quizz game to test the knowledge the visitor has acquired during his visit.
For this module we have designed an interface that would integrate graphically with the building’s architecture and the specific spot on the stage ( this module only has direct sunlight ). We also had to provide a specific user experience compliant with the oddity of the interface ( a touch pad placed on the armrest).