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La Fabrique Pola

La Fabrique Pola
10 Quai de Brazza


April 9th, 2018
Ombrocessing is a graphic design workshop mixing computer programming, ombro cinema animation and silkscreen printing techniques.

ECV Workshop

The first edition of this workshop took place at the School of Visual Communication in Bordeaux. It was led by 2Roqs and Émiline Vivier (Atelier SerreJoint) with 10 students from the Digital Interaction Masters course of ECV Bordeaux.

Silkscreen & Code

The first workshop took place 5th - 13 April 2018 in which students were asked to produce a small 20 page booklet printed using the silkscreen technique. The booklet presents abstract kinetic images generated using the code based environment, Processing.

A creative tool

A unique tool was developed especially for the workshop allowing for graphic experimentation that can easily be saved for printed output.
The code is available on github.