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June 2nd, 2018
MusiX is the museum for the Polytechnic School that opened 2 June 2018. We developed all interactive materials under the artistic guidance of Dépli design studio.

The museum is on the ground floor of the school’s library. Visitors can consult the collection that comprises of scientific instruments, books, manuscripts and art works.

Interactive Experience

Interactive media and videos allow visitors to discover the collection using tactile tablets. The museum is organised thematically:

- For whom and for what do we teach the sciences?
- How to teach the sciences?
- Science or sciences?
- Sciences and war.
- The sciences in society.

The museum also accommodates a temporary exhibition space devoted to the great French mathematician, Gaspard Monge, who was the founder of the Polytechnic School at the end of the 18th century.


The interactive experience uses a simple and global interface that allows one to navigate a wide range of datas: pioneering works, pupils, famous people of the school (exhibited as sculptures and paintings), a dictionary of the school’s lingo.