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Harrods Aroma Tables

May 10th, 2018


We were commissioned to produce 4 animated visuals for the wine department of Harrods, London.

The team that had brilliantly worked on a similar installation for Bordeaux's Cité du Vin came together to build a series of aroma tables, under the direction of the British designers Casson Mann.

For each of the four wine families, we have created one waiting loop, and a film revealing the major scents that compose the wine.

Design intentions

The video animations had to evoke the movement in slow motion of a liquid rotated in a glass during tasting.
To create this animation, we decided to program an application that would compute the movement of the liquid using various, more or less empiric equations.
The graphic images involved in the process come either from stock photographic sources, or had to be photographed by our own means.

Contact sheet - trying to capture perfect swirl and ripples of Laphroaig Islay Whisky


The various éléments : models, marble tables, copper trumpets, screens and vidéos, glass bell covers, as well as the various scents, have been united and tested in the Matières à Penser's workshop, in Auterives, near Toulouse.

Vidéo players at Matières à Penser workshop
Video players at Matières à Penser workshop
More realistic than the reel, synthetic scents by Michaël Moisseeff


The four Aroma Table have been installed in London in the heart of a space entirely redesigned by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio. More pictures at https://mbds.com/work/harrods-wine-shop/.

Harrods Wine Shop - photo © Martin Brudnizki Design Studio


Client: Harrods
Direction/ artistic direction: Casson Mann
Video creation: 2Roqs
Props: Matières à Penser
Aromas : Michaël Moisseeff
Hardware: Vidélio