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La Chose Programmée

February 25th, 2009
Julien was invited to animate a three days workshop about mobile and bluetooth technologies for the Etienne Cliquet's session "La Chose Programmée" held in the School of Beaux-arts in Toulouse.


The workshop happened at BBB in Toulouse. Related to the exhibition Trans-faires, a group of students of Toulouse School of Beaux-arts worked on how to use the bluetooth technology in a way that is different from its original and every day life purpose.

La dent bleue

Actually the bluetooth technology allows to connect devices in a short perimeter. Because of its invisible nature, electromagnetic waves draw some untouchable territory in our immediate environment. Students experimented graphic and sound on their own mobile devices, using Processing Mobile. The workshop ended up with the creation of a network application involving the sending of data from each student's phone to a remote program.

Collaborative creation

The last day of the workshop dealt with the creation of an personalized grid-based avatar computed from simple rules. Within real-time, each student was able to send some simple data to another program displaying detected bluetooth mobiles, thus interacting with this displaying.
A demonstration of the application and the creations of the students will be showcased @ BBB in Toulouse.