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De Natura Rerum, whose title is borrowed from Lucretius'poem, is the adaptation of Gravity for the week of the French language @ DRAC Aquitaine (17-20 March 2009).


The application receives messages using the "dix mots pour demain", which are sent from mobile phones or a dedicated web interface that was specially developped for this event : http://regardscroises.medias-cite.org/. Web users as well as in situ spectators are able to interact directly with the application as a streaming is available from this webpage when the installation is active.

Participants personalize the sending of their messages by playing with the syntax, punctuation or even by answering other people's messages.

Clinamen and movement

Words fall thanks to the gravity but also thanks to the constraints of their environment, as atoms are deviated by the clinamen, a phenomenom described in Lucretius'poem. Words move and bump according to Newton's Physics Laws. They deflect from their path, their interaction and spatial re-ordering allows them to get a new meaning like a cadavre exquis.

De natura rerum

De natura rerum is a poem by Roman poet Lucretius based of the philopophy of Epicure. It tries to explain its readers the secret phenomena that human beings are faced with on the Earth.

Gravity, interactive installation by Julien Gachadoat / 2Roqs Julien's talk about the installation at Jeudi Multimedia