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For the launching of Philips's Senseo limited edition by designer Marcel Wanders, we made a 3D model of the two coffee machines that we animated in real time in a home-made software. During the show, the 3D was controlled by hand gestures by the designer himself.

This project involved the showcasing of two coffee machines in 3D. Rather that a pre-calculated movies' approach directly from the engineering models, we chose to make it more dynamic and interactive by rendering the models in real time, which required the redesign of the objects in low-polygons 3D.

We worked in Cinema 4D with the real machines before our eyes, starting with a studio photo shooting and thorough measuring of dimensions. Textures and custom pixel shader were integrated using the 3D engine we had develop a few years ago. An additional difficulty arose due to the many transparent materials chosen by designer Marcel Wanders.

Eventually the two models ( Black and red ) along with promotion videos and powerpoint documents were integrated in an carousel-shaped interactive animation specifically built for the show, controlled by aerial gestures during the press conference by the designer.

Partnership: Mobidium ( Paris ), BlueYeti ( Royan)

Black coffee machine after photo shooting Vue polygonale de la cafetière en cours de modélisationIntermediate rendering of 3D modelRendu temps réel du modèle Marcel Wanders rougeLe carrousel en actionMarcel Wanders and Philips Senseo limited edition