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From the 1st to the 4th of July, the national event "Imaginez Maintenant" took place in nine cities in France. It focused on exibiting young artists' creations, selected to showcase their works in historical site, industrial or natural heritages of their city.

In Bordeaux, the abandoned barrack Niel was chosen to host the whole event. Within this context, students of the school of architecture and landscape (ensapBx) under the direction of Claire Petetin proposed the muti-users game "UrbanXGame" to which we contributed.


The game, based on piloting aerial vehicles, allowed visitors to access areas normally out of reach by feet. These drones were able to record their flight position and communicate them in real time to a projection screen.
Collected data were then transformed into a visual mapping of places. At the end, each player contributed to the building of the representation thus creating another perception of the place.


We created the data visualization applications and tools running in real time. A specific embedded iPhone application was developped for the occasion allowing us to retrieve and store drones' geo data for the data visualization application running on a big screen.

UrbanXGame - Application iPhone, géolocalisationUrbanXGame - Installation des dronesUrbanXGame - Visualisation de données

Participants and partners

  Artistic and Educational Direction : Claire Petetin, Architect.
  Team : Lucas Bacle, Maxime Dupuy, Samya Pelloquin, Mathias Saboy.
  Communication ensapBX : Eva Gerbeau, Christophe Monteil.

  Claire Petetin interview (French)
  L'école supérieure d'architecture et de paysage de Bordeaux, le CAPC, Imaginez Maintenant, Najat Jardini