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“Nuit Défendue” 2010

October 1st, 2010
The studio was present during the event of "La Nuit Défendue" (The Forbidden Night), Friday, October 1st. With this second edition, the french town of Pessac announces the opening of the cultural season 2010/2011.

“Forbidding for surprising” :

With more than 1200 visitors last year, the various artistic proposals have been able to invest and animate this cultural area.
From 20h till dawn, visitors were able to discover artistic installations from diverse ways of creations as theater, cinema, dance, music, literature and digital.

"Expression" and an interactive floor, created for the occasion, were able to surprise the audience inviting them to animate two areas of the library.

At the entrance of the library, the interactive floor hosted the public by presenting two alternative texts whose letters interacted with footsteps of visitors.

The public was also invited to send SMS to the installation "Expression", a typographical fresco built on the facade of the Camponac castle.
First, messages circulated on paths symbolizing individual expression, then words were regrouped in a collective space of expression, offering a space that summarizes the writings of everyone throughout the event.

Expression - La Nuit Défendue 2010Expression - La Nuit Défendue 2010Expression - La Nuit Défendue 2010