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Providing effective answers to current environmental challenges, the new Citroën C-Zero 100% electric was presented at the World Motor Show 2010, held in Paris from October 2nd to October 17th. We developed an interactive floor for the Citroën stand that presenting four graphic universes around the idea “Zero Carbon”.

With over 1.2 million visitors , this new edition of the Paris Motor Show exhibited a lot of innovations, including the new electric car Citroen "C-Zero". Economic, ecological and silent, it was designed to facilitate and improve our daily mobility.

This floor was installed in a gallery C-Zero, highlighting each of the technical and environmental C-Zero features, through four universes: C-Zero City, C- Zero Bubbles, C-Zero Zen, C-Zero Travel.

The visitor overlooks C-Zero City, an urban neighborhood where he can interact with the autonomous cars. Quiet, the C-Zero doesn't generate noise pollution.


C-Zero Bubbles is composed of oxygen bubbles that burst under the feet of visitors, releasing some messages about the car's features.


C-Zero Zen is an interactive aquarium with water effects, that frees up texts about the technical specifications of the car. Fish wander around and escape the footsteps of visitors.


C-Zero Travel offers visitors the opportunity to overfly some wild landscapes seen from above, such as the Grand Canyon or the desert of Algeria. The scenery unfolds far below with a vertiginous sensation enhanced by some atmospheric effects, while hexagons pave the visitor's way like Japanese style stepping stones.


In order to achieve a realistic rendering, we developed a terrain construction tool ( much like Google Earth ) aimed at displaying relief maps with believable perspective in real time and in high definition.

Design and development: 2Roqs
Production: Mobidium
Sound design: Studio Splank