2Roqs is a resident of
La Fabrique Pola

La Fabrique Pola
10 Quai de Brazza

2Roqs was solicited to program and develop the software behind the interactive installation of lights called Géoluminescence created by Sophie Bruere, light visual artist. Installed in the internal courtyard of the building of the Bleecker Group society, George V avenue, in Paris, this installation of lights interacts with the day and night, seasons and the human presence.

The installation of 3.5 meters in diameter is composed of two parts : the lower part, seen as a disc from the ground, is a LED screen displaying interactive animations in real time. Secondly, a camera, placed on the upper and turned toward the sky, is filming the sky and capturing variations in brightness.


Two scenarios day/night are played in real time and alternate interactive animations during a week:
Day : a virtual sun moves to the center of the image of the sky. Its appearance is responding to environmental changes like seasons, light variations (intensity and colorimetry) and displacement of people in the courtyard of building.

Géoluminescence © Sophie Bruère, 2010.Géoluminescence © Sophie Bruère, 2010.Géoluminescence © Sophie Bruère, 2010.

At night, a transition animation gives way to a night scenario :
A globe appears, with flashing lights symbolizing the level of light pollution on Earth. The visitor is invited to follow a daily changing journey on the globe. His movements under the screen with bright dots reacting by raising them in the global atmosphere. At dawn, a new daily cycle begins and a transition gives way to the animation of the day.

Photo credit: Géoluminescence © Sophie Bruère, 2010.