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For the opening of the City of the Ocean (La cité de l'Océan) last July in Biarritz, we developed the interactive animations of four interactive furniture designed by Immersion.

This permanent installation allows visitors to understand the metabolism of the ocean into four themes: climatic actor, sculptor, waves creator and tides.

Four interactive tables with touch screen and video projection

The 4 custom-designed furnitures play technical and pedagogic animations about the 4 themes related to the oceans.

We were in charge of the creation of the digital content for this installation, based on audio recordings available in English , French and Spanish languages. A total of 35 minutes of audio multiplied by the 3 languages was to be illustrated.
Because of the need to synchronize the videos with different languages going at variable speeds, we decided to produce a programmed movie that would be played by an autonomous application. It meant that the whole animation was to be hard coded with a programming language, and that it would adapt to the speed of the speech and the events triggered by the voice.
Compared to a movie, this technique allowed for uncompressed graphics of the highest sharpness, as well as unlimited interaction with the public playing with the touch screen.

These animations help the audience to understand basic movements of the oceans: the movement on the surface and depth, sunlight, carbon dioxide, heat distribution,...

Horizontal touch screen allows to navigate within the animations presented by the vertical screen. A scientist comments interactions and appears sometimes as an holographic form.


Development, graphic design 2D/3D, video content : 2Roqs
Actor : Andrew Mcgregor
Production, furniture design : Immersion
Scenography and script : Philippe Vidal
Client : La Cité de l'Océan et du Surf, Biarritz / 2011