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La Fabrique Pola

La Fabrique Pola
10 Quai de Brazza

Tree Party !

January 19th, 2012
On 19th January 2012, we organized the "Tree Party" to present our two latest creations,the RoqsTree and Aquatypes.
Around a cocktail, guests got hooked by interactive meetings, hanging their picture on the tree and sending their messages from the touch screen or by SMS.

Interactive installations

The touch table is a home made furniture designed in solid oak, featuring a 32" touch screen. An ergonomic interface allows users to take high quality pictures of their face and send them to the tree, as well as written messages and cell phone texts.

SMS were also hooked to the Aquatypes installation, that was video projected onto the left wall. The messages were turned into typographic creatures which evolved freely altogether in an aquatic environment.

Many thanks to our seventy-something guests who participated actively in our installations and made the party awesome, with great sharing and enthusiasm !