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La Fabrique Pola

La Fabrique Pola
10 Quai de Brazza

For the tenth anniversary of french festival "Nuits Sonores", held in Lyon (France) from May 16th to 20th, we team up with Martial Geoffre-Rouland and Looking For Architecture for the project 360 000. Exhibited at the intersection of the three stages in the center of Brossette factory, this installation offered the public a 360 000 seconds countdown ( in reference to the duration of the festival ), mixed with a series of animations correlated with the sounds played in each concert hall.

A serie of effects was specially designed to reveal sound atmospheres of different concerts. The triangular grid generated an abstract landscape which connected the three spaces during the four days of the festival.

This 51 square-meter wide light screen was made of 133 Versatubes arranged in triangles. Each tube was made of lines of DELs controlled by a custom software.
We developed a VJ application in Processing dedicated to this special type of screen, that allowed the light artist to sequence animations of various kind: monochromatic, colored, sound-reacting, scripted, and to manipulate them in real time.

Nuits Sonores 2012 | 360 000

Created with Openframeworks, another application has been installed on the three scenes to retrieve the sound signal to send it to a second in charge of graphic renderer of the digital sound landscape.

Directed by: Looking For Architecture
Software direction and development: 2Roqs
Collaboration: Martial Geoffre-Rouland
Photo credit: Brice Robert