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Osez Bordeaux | Animation live

February 26th, 2013
During a special event to which 500 influential companies' representatives attended, Bordeaux's mayor M Alain Juppé unveiled the name of the territorial brand Osez Bordeaux.
Commissioned to the visuals on the wide screen behind the speaker, we developed an animation based on handwriting and light painting thematics, that was live controlled throughout the event.

The "Osez Bordeaux" ( Dare Bordeaux ) logotype imagined by agency Publicis exploits the principle of light painting. Therefore, the line, the light and the handwriting were the key elements that we kept in mind to elaborate this animation. Three variations were born from this reflexion, that we later combined in live to follow the scenography of this event.

- Preceding the discourse, the attendees could watch some glowing lines following some smooth and seemingly abstract paths. In reality, they were portions of the logo distorted enough to evocate its shape without bringing out the big picture.

- At the right moment when the Mayor left the appropriate blank in his speech, the logo was unveiled, with a incandescent, light painting effect.

- Following the speech and throughout the cocktail, a series of citations from famous personalities about the city of Bordeaux were shown, following a consistent, glowing, handwritten style.

Client: Bordeaux city
Event direction: Côte Ouest
Live visuals : 2Roqs
Logo graphic design: Publicis
Material : Utram