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La Fabrique Pola
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In collaboration with graphic studio Cosmo Sapiens, we created an application for a multi-touch table set in the Montmorin Castle. Visitors are proposed a journey inside the castle history thanks to a system of navigation palets.


A map seen from above lets visitors of the castle discover its layout and its evolution during centuries, from Middle Ages to nowadays.

Thanks to palets arranged on key points of the castle (dungeons or battlements for example), visitors can extend the map with additional informations related to the history through the years.


A special palet — the «time» one — can make us travel through the years and reveal different evolutions of the castle architecture, its constructions but also its demolition.

The "architecture" and "characters" palets unveil the history of the castle's key points as well as the main personalities of the selected epoch.

The "camera" palet, set up on "La Tour de guet", broadcasts unreachable places of the castle on a TV screen.


Graphic design and table manufacturing : Cosmo Sapiens
Code : 2Roqs