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Facing the new bridge "Chaban-Delmas" in Bordeaux, an exhibition hosted by Cap Sciences presents the history and fabrication secrets of local and famous bridges.
In association with design studio Kubik, we developed a series of interactive screens, as well as an immersive application on a multitouch table.

Multiuser table

In an aquatic environment, four portholes let a user discover various interactive universes made of images, videos and small games.

Each little module aims in presenting the history of the Port de la Lune and how it influenced the various quarters of the city. In particular, they highlight the different bridges, their role, history, or construction facts.

Users can interact with the water on the surface of the table, while a few shads _ river Garonne's main species _ wander tranquilly in the depth of the screen.

Up to 4 teams game

In addition to the informative content, the table contains a game that can be played simultaneously by two, three or four teams.

A very secret code allows to trigger the apparition of the game: by placing 3 fingers at the center of the table, the wavelets attract a fish which will launch the game eventually.

Each team or player becomes responsible of a porthole, where are displayed a series of questions to which they have to answer during the course of a countdown. They will confront their knowledge and learn new facts and tips about the city of Bordeaux and its bridges.

A system of bonuses and cheating tricks enhance the interaction between players while they compete for the highest score of the match.

Other interactive screens

imageAround the exhibition room, we have been involved in the making of three other interactive modules. One of them presents historic movies, the other shows a timeline of timelapse videos of the construction site as well as a live webcam directed at the bridge. A third touch screen allows the user to take part in the difficult mission of lifting the bridge's central span, to let a liner enter the port of Bordeaux.


Client: Cap Sciences
Exhibition design: Kubik
Interactive development: 2Roqs
ILight table: Immersion