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The Digital Week of Bordeaux, 3rd edition, was
the occasion to exhibit two interactive art pieces. "Textopolis" was invited to animate the convention "La Grande Jonction" at H14, while "Expression" adorned the prestigious facade of the gardens of the town hall.

Textopolis: reconstructing a bridge with typography

"La Grande Jonction" was an event aimed at uniting the various actors of the digital economy around conferences and demonstrations.

In order to animate the entrance hall of the venue, we have installed "Textopolis", a projection previously showcased at CAPC ( Bordeaux contemporary art museum ) last year. This collaborative piece allows the attendees to participate in the drawing of a tridimensional structure made of thousand text messages and photographs.

This time, the resultant structure had the shape of Bordeaux's new architectural wonder, the Chaban-Delmas bridge.

Participants could use the touch screen to send a message or a photograph, as well as remotely control the video-projection's viewpoint.

"Expression", projection in the gardens of Bordeaux Town Hall

The projection Expression was installed in the garden of the Town Hall of Bordeaux, acting like a recreative pause for participants on the path to the Digital Night, a concert venue.
The attendees were invited to send phone text messages to the installation, that traveled along a symbolic path before feeding the monumental fresco, symbolic representation of the public expression.

Client : i.Boat
Concept and development : 2Roqs