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Studio inauguration

On the 17th of May 2008 was celebrated the opening of our new studio in Bordeaux, near the Chartrons. For this special event, we shot an invitation video.

The main idea behind the video was to show in some original way our new place and also to remind at the same time the event's informations to our guests. We took this opportunity to reveal references (profesionnal or not) of our universe, as well as past/present influences.

Every chunk of the videos were shot during April 08. At the end, more than 1200 photos were taken. The final cut required a post-production work with colorimetry, thus achieving the feeling of a continuous sequence.
The original picture sound was created once the video was done, with a precise synchronization work upon movie's details.

Guests were notified of the party thanks to an e-mail that was sent before. A website was specially created for the event, each guest could confirm their coming or not.

Voici quelques photos des dessous du tournage et de la soirée.

Confection des blocs de Tetris !Séquence de transition avec l'arbre en post it.RoqsTree durant la soirée.

Original motion picture sound was created by Arnaud Castagné.
Seome of our close friends, we thank Natalie, Laurent, Lucile et Estelle. Cheers !