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Wall communicating

A the invitation of Douglas Edric Stanley, teacher at the school of fine arts in Aix-en-Provence, Julien was invited to lead a workshop at Atelier Hypermedia around the "Mur communicant" project, from March 22nd to 26th 2010, in Aix-en-Provence.

Wall communicating

The wall is a collective space dedicated to exploration and discovery. Comprising a large touch screen, its content can be changed by touch and gestures. It is capable of retrieving digital data from different sources (cell phones, internet ...) to present them interactively on its screen.


In 2010, three workshops were organized around the central themes "Move", "Touch" and "Communicate". In collaboration with [url=http://ubaa.net/St├ęphane Cousot[/url] and Guillaume Stagnaro, Julien led a workshop on the theme "Communicate", including using mobile phones as a communication tool.


During this workshop, Julien has adapted, to the environment Openframeworks, the library "$1 recognizer" that can detect and analyze the actions in a very simple way.
He also created "Boink!", a game allowing to give substance to geometric shapes drawn by the gesture and pile up on the screen wall.

Download ofxOneDollarRecogniser (add-on Openframeworks)
Download Boink!