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Our interactive installation "Gravity" during the inauguration of the new building of Francophonie in Paris


Words appear, reply to each other, reconstruct, play with the asperities of a façade... Through the vector of phone messages sent lively onto this monumental display, bystanders become actors of a poetic dialog between the public and architecture.

De Natura Rerum

De Natura Rerum, whose title is borrowed from Lucretius'poem, is the adaptation of Gravity for the week of the French language in the beautiful chapel of DRAC ( regional direction of cultural affairs) of Aquitaine (17-20 March 2009).

Gravity / Utopia

The installation "Gravity" was exhibited on March 17th, 2009 as part of the E.motion electronic festival in Bordeaux. 1017 messages were sent onto the Utopia movie theater's facade by the audience who participated enthusiastically.


Gravity is a collaborative application using buildings'architecture as a projection surface.


This real time interactive animation allows people to send sms text messages to the installation. The words are then embedded into geometric shapes, and are dropped from the top of the projection. The fall as well as their collisions with the building's environment are physics-driven, making interactions happen between the different sent messages.
The words are stacking, accumulating, rotating thus creating a structural and spatial "cadavre exquis" both related to the building architecture and the projection. Bystanders become actors of the installation itself, and are playing a role by customizing their messages with punctuations, long words or simply by answering other people's messages.


The application benefits from a specific sound environment, created by Splank Studio.
The geometric shapes apparitions, falls, collisions trigger sound events, whose volume is set by the words' length (ie its "weight"). The sounds are short, dynamic, spatialized and enhance the visual interaction with the building. Its stereophonic diffusion immerses spectactors and enlightens the poetic and playful nature of the installation.


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