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Boink! + radarTouch

We tested the "Touchless" hardware solution called radarTouch aimed at converting a basic surface  to a touch surface (for example : wall, floor, table, object, etc...).

The system consists of a rotating lasers diffuser that captures the obstructions and transmits them to a radarTouch software, which generates TUIO commands.

"Boink!" is an Openframeworks application adapted to communicate with the radarTouch software to retrieve motion data. The small application allows to draw, guide and manipulate virtual objects. For this example, the user creates 2D blocks which, once drawn, come alive and are governed by the laws of physics.

This application was originally developped for "Le Mur Communicant" in a workshop at the Hypermedia in Aix-en-Provence. Source code is available on this page.

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